Hi! My name is Louie Mantia, Jr. I’m an artist and designer.

These days, I make icons, playing cards, & fonts.

App Icons by Parakeet Playing Cards by Junior Fonts by Crown

Let me know if I can help make something for your project.

I used to make a lot of other things. *

LouieWorld 90s Stickers App Burger Digest Pico App Albums App Mickey Avenue at Shanghai Disneyland The Golden Horseshoe Review Podcast Target App Pacific Helm Square iTunes 10 Ramp Champ The Iconfactory Obama ‘08' Tap Tap Revenge

* These portfolio items were created with clients, employers, or for myself. View my Résumé for more information. You can hire me to create icons, logos, and illustrations through my studio, Parakeet.

Looking for something else?