Hi! 👋 I’m Louie Mantia, Jr.

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I make 📲 icons, 🎴 playing cards, and 🎠 an app for theme parks.

I used to make:
📜 modular sans-serif fonts
👽 holographic stickers
📷 digital film for phones
💽 your favorite music app
🏰 some nutty art for a theme park
🎙 a rootin’ tootin’ podcast
🎯 big-box retail for small screens
⚓️ a nautical-themed design agency
🚕 short-lived taxi software
🍔 a bite-sized burger blog
🎵 an unpopular icon for a popular music app
🎟 miniature boardwalk games
💬 tweets for tablets
🏭 a bunch of free icons
🇺🇸 an app that helped win the presidency
🎸 a mobile music game
💻 lots of digital wallpapers

But enough about me!
Tell me about *you*.